[ Congratulations! The Finalists Released! ]
Thank you to all those who submitted applications to 2015 APEC Global Challenge. After carefully review by our judge team, we are so excited to announce the finalists!!
8 Finalist are recommended by Intel and Siemens.
Economy Company
China Xiamen University
Hong Kong Liricco Technologies
Hong Kong DeLight
Indonesia Nuesto Technology
Japan Tokyo Women's Medical University
Mexico Modebo
Malaysia Malaysia
Philippines UP Bike Share
Peru Suruna
Russian Federation Keep Vision
Thailand YMMY
Vietnam Zinmed Vietnam Join Stock Company
Chinese Taipei iStaging Corp.
Chinese Taipei Loopd Inc.
Chinese Taipei docceo
Chinese Taipei Theia Company
Chinese Taipei Fiiser
Chinese Taipei GHOSTA
Chinese Taipei SENTRI
Chinese Taipei Zuvio Co., Ltd.
Chinese Taipei s e n s e - i
Chinese Taipei WoT.City Inc.
Chinese Taipei RealCast
Chinese Taipei Qblinks Inc.
United States Smarking
[ Last call: Deadline of team application extended to July 7th ]
The deadline of team application is extended to July 7th, in order to encourage more startups to participate in 2015 APEC Global Challenge. APEC Challenge 2015 has been expanded to global scale, and we love to see startups from all over the world seizing this great opportunity to live their dreams! This is the last call, by clicking Sign Up Now for join us !
[ APEC Challenge Open to Tech Start-Ups ]
Innovative technology start-ups and entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific are invited to pitch their ideas to a panel of high-profile international venture capitalists, angel investors and corporate executives as part of the 3rd APEC Challenge, sponsored by Intel and Siemens, on 19 – 20 October in Chinese Taipei … for more detail
[ Call for team application by June 30,2015 ]
We are looking for the Next Global Star now! Just join us to win US$100K and the opportunity to collaborate with Intel and Siemens!
The APEC Accelerator Network (AAN ) launched and maintained by Chinese Taipei now boasts 15 APEC entities and 47 incubators and accelerators worldwide, including the famed US-based Plug & Play. A quick review of the challenges held in the past two years showed magnificent results. 2013 winner Gogolook was successfully acquired by LINE’s mother company Naver for US$18 million while Computerlogy, Thailand-based startup and Evenesis, Malaysia-based startup received an investment of US$1 million respectively after the Challenge. 2014 winner AirSig also saw an investment of US$2 million from Foxconn after its participation in the Intel Global Challenge 2014, making AirSig the most valuable start-up company ever seen in Chinese Taipei. These success stories are solid testimonies to the effectiveness and benefits of AAN and APEC Challenges as a way to gain early-stage funding for start-ups and a springboard to the international community.

In the APEC Challenge 2015, four areas of innovation competition have been revealed by Intel and Siemens. They are 1) Interactive Learning, 2) Immersive Collaboration, 3) Smart Mobility, and 4) Smart Home . The four areas are believed to be where breakthroughs will be made for the information technology and industry of the next generation and will be driving innovation in the transformation, upgrading, digitalization and even smartization of industries. Interested start-ups are welcome to sign-up by June 30 .
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